Diginet Craft

All-in-one solution for craft organizations

In cooperation with craft associations developed system for time consuming routine tasks in organizations.

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Collaboration in church rethought

A family of modular applications for the different areas of church work with focus on daily routine tasks and communication with all participants.

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You profit from these benefits

Modular and flexible

Our products are made of modules that can be combined at will. With this our solutions fit perfectly to your organization. And even if there are missing functions, we can design and implement them without any trouble.

Work from everywhere

We offer web-based applications that can be accessed from everywhere from every device. There is no need for installation, updates can be deployed any time. Everything you need is a working internet connection and a current web browser.

Robust and secure

We value privacy and security. When developing our products, we strictly comply with every law. We always follow the current news in these topics and take care to implement needed changes. All you have to do is relax.

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Max Vorhauer


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