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How we utilize our service desk as one tool for project management

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Trust and frankness – these values are very important for our daily cooperation with our customers. We constantly try to implement them with our existing tools. One of these tools is our Service Desk, which we want to present in this blog post.

In our Service Desk you always have a good overview of the current situation in your projects. You can track the status of tasks (tickets) and share comments and files with us. This ensures, that everybody who is involved has access to the latest information. We enhanced this transparent process to further inform you of the time spent in the current projects. This will be updated daily and tracked to the minute.

How do we do projects at descript?

We distinguish between two kinds of projects: first, result-oriented projects and second, maintenance projects. Result-oriented projects work towards a fixed goal. This could be the integration or extension of our software. The project starts with a requirements analysis, gets estimated by our developers and finally implemented. The goal is given by the customer and gets shaped with us. This agile cooperation is arranged by the service contract ("Rahmendienstvertrag"). This kind of project follows the textbook definition: it occurs once, is limited it time, has a certain goal and a fixed budget.

Maintenance projects however are recurring projects that are billed in intervals. Our customers book a monthly or yearly budget which will be used for all incurring tasks. A classic example would the maintenance of the website, where we do editorial or development work.

Both project types are suitable for the Service Desk. Result-oriented projects are created from a ticket. During the implementation more tickets can be opened with new requirements or found software bugs. For maintenance projects we always look at the Service Desk when searching for new tasks.

This is how we work transparently for you

Both types of projects are integrated with our internal project and invoice management via the Service Desk. Whenever we work on a project, we track the time spent. We do this with our own time tracking application that tracks each task to the second. This allows us very precise insights into the budget of a project (If you have already received a summary of time tracking entries you know how precise they are).

Our tracked time will not be only used for internal controlling, but from now on we display our spent time for our customers in the Service Desk.

If you have any questions regarding the Service Desk or want to have a demo just send me an e-mail so we can get in touch.

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Max Vorhauer

Portrait image of the author Max Vorhauer
Max ist Projekt- und Produktmanager bei descript. Er bringt unser Entwickler:innenteam und unsere Kund:innen zusammen, plant, dokumentiert, kalkuliert und sorgt dafür, dass alle Rädchen im descript-Getriebe reibungslos ineinandergreifen.
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